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About Us

About Us

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Jan, Founder & CEO of European House Lottery Ltd.

European House Lottery Ltd. is a company incorporated and registered in United Kingdom.

Together with my European House Lottery team we organize Skill Lottery Competitions.  

I am 84 years young but I feel like 25!

I am very active in life and still learn new things every day. I am married and have two children, aged 52 and 56. They are happily married and have children themselves.

My hobbies are playing soccer, reading good books and swimming!

I love soccer. That is one of my energy sources in life.

I've been a soccer referee for 35 years. I also spend a lot of time on charities.

The idea for the lottery was simple - to give people a great chance to win houses, cars or other prices of their dreams for a small amount of money. In short: making dreams come true….

All our prizes are guaranteed. All lotteries are supervised by the notary / lawyer.

Draws can be attended live or viewed live via the internet.

I wish everyone the best of luck and hope that I can meet you soon as one of the winners of the European House Lottery!


European House Lottery

Head office: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom

Branch office: Oudestraat 1a, 9401 EG Assen, The Netherlands

KvK number: 80036015.

BTW/TAX number: NL 8615.35.406.B.01